Pest Control Port Macquarie

Rozken Pty Ltd specialises in the detection and treatment of termites (white ants).


No house is Safe from Termites!

Estimated to affect one home in three, termites are extremely destructive pests that cause millions of dollars damage each year.
Regular inspection of your property is vital, as termites can do a substantial amount of damage in a relatively short time.
The cost of repairing undetected termite damage can be considerable and in most cases, is not covered by insurance.
Rozken recommends annual termite inspections and specialist termite control to protect your property.

Buying a House in Port Macquarie or Surrounds?

Make sure you’re not buying termites. A pre-purchase termite inspection by Rozken will allow you to buy with confidence.
Rozken carry out termite inspections to Australian Standard AS 3660.2-2000. We use the latest technology combined with our many years experience to detect and locate termites. You are provided with a full written report outlining any termite activity and other issues, such as damp, that are likely to cause future problems with termites. We will ensure your Port Macquaire pre-purchase property inspection is thorough, careful and trustworthy.

There are number of options available:

Termite Dusting.

This treatment is a specialist termite control and is used as part of a termite management regime. It involves dusting active termites with arsenic trioxide and termidor dusting and the subsequent transfer, via the termites’ habit of grooming each other, to the remainder of the colony. If sufficient termites are dusted, elimination of the entire colony is possible.

Termite Baiting.

A perimeter ring of specialist termite baiting stations are installed around your property. The termites are enticed to eat the bait by an attractant. Regular monitoring of the baiting stations takes place and once termites are actively feeding, an insect growth regulator (IGR) is added to the baits. The IGR is carried back to the nest, totally eradicating it.

Chemical Barriers.

All Rozken’s pest control services and treatments are highly effective, guided by Australian Standards and backed by a full warranty.

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