General Pests

Pest Control Port Macquarie

All Rozken’s pest control services and treatments are highly effective, carried to Australian Standards and backed by a full written warranty.

General Pests

Owners Ken and Roslyn Howell have been providing pest control services to residents of Port Macquarie and the Surrounding suburbs since 1996. They offer affordable, professional and effective pest control for all residential and commercial premises.

Ken is a highly experienced pest control technician who will respond quickly to any pest problem and can provide safe and effective treatment against

  • Cockroaches. Much more than a nuisance, cockroaches can carry and spread disease-causing bacteria
  • Rats and Mice. Dirty and unsanitary pests, they spread disease through their saliva and faeces
  • Fleas. Parasitic bloodsuckers their bites cause irritation and can transmit disease
  • Ants. With colonies that can number into the millions, these scavengers are difficult to eliminate once established
  • Spiders. Most spiders are beneficial, controlling flies and mosquitoes, others such as redbacks and funnel webs can be lethal
  • Bed Bugs. Small, wingless insects that feed solely on blood, they’re usually spread by traveller’s luggage
  • Bird Lice. Their bite can cause severe irritation and intense itching often leading to secondary infection
  • Bees & Wasps. Very aggressive in defence of their nests, their stings can be extremely painful
  • Silverfish. Flightless insects that feed on a wide variety of materials, their damage often goes undiscovered until it’s too late
  • Wood Borers. Often cause unseen damage to floorboards, skirting, architraves and wooden furniture
  • Carpet Beetles. Cause costly damage to many animal-based goods such as carpet, rugs, clothing and wool insulation

Rozken offer free advice and obligation-free quotes along with a full warranty, so please call us to discuss your pest problems and our solution to them.

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